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Jeremy Johnson
Jeremy Johnson
(979) 845-7141
Eller O&M 706A

Texas A&M University
MS 3147 
College Station, Texas 77843


Ph.D. Texas A&M University, 2016

M.S. Texas A&M University, 2011

B.S. Colorado State University, 2004

American Association of Geographers Biogeography Specialty Group best paper award (PhD), 2016

National Science Foundation East Asia and Pacific Summer Institute (EAPSI) Fellowship, New Zealand 2015

National Science Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grant - 2013-2015

American Association of Geographers Mountain Geography Specialty Group: Chimborazo Student Research Award 2015

Climate Change Science Institute at Oak Ridge National Laboratory: Early Career Award at ESA, 2014

Texas A&M Institute of Genome Sciences and Society Fellowship, 2013-2014


GEOG 203 Planet Earth

GEOG 335 Patterns and Processes in Biogeography

GEOG 390 Principles of GIS

Jeremy Johnson

Visiting Assistant Professor

Research Interests

I am a biogeography and landscape genetics researcher. I have broad research interests focused on understanding plant responses to global ecological change - including how biological organisms move, adapt, or bend phenotypically in response to changing environments and climate. My current research is centered on understanding the role of seed dispersal and tree recruitment at alpine treelines using emerging genomic and GISci approaches.

I use a variety of methods to address biogeographic questions, ranging from the cellular to the landscape scale. Currently, I am using Genotyping by Sequencing and electrical circuit theory to better understand how long lived tree species are responding to rapid high latitude warming on the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska, and on the south island of New Zealand. ​

Selected Publications

Refereed Journal Articles:

Johnson JS, Gaddis KD, Cairns DM, Lafon CW, and Krutovsky KV. (2016) Plant responses to global change: Next generation biogeography. Physical Geography 37(2): 93-119 DOI: 10.1080/02723646.2016.1162597

Johnson JS, Cairns DM, and Houser C. (2013) Coastal marsh vegetation assemblages of Galveston Bay: insights for the East Texas Chenier Plain. Wetlands 33: 861-870 DOI: 10.1007/s13157-013-0443-8

Articles in Review:

Johnson JS, Gaddis KD and Cairns DM, (In Review) Landscape genomic analysis of seed dispersal at alpine treeline: long distance dispersal maintains alpine treelines. Ecology

Johnson JS, Gaddis KD, Cairns DM, Konganti K, and Krutovsky KV (In Review) Landscape genomic insights into the migration potential of long-lived tree species in response to Holocene climate change. American Journal of Botany
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