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John Lauermann
John Lauermann
(979) 458-1096
Eller O&M 803D

Department of Geography
Texas A&M University
Eller O&M Building
College Station, Texas 77843-3147


PhD, Geography, Clark University


National Science Foundation, Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grant

International Olympic Committee, Postgraduate Research Fellowship


Geog 201: Introduction to Human Geography

Geog 380: Workshop in Environmental Studies

John Lauermann

Visiting Assistant Professor

Research Interests

Dr. Lauermann is an urban geographer with research interests in political economy, urban planning/design, and land investment. He has longstanding interest in the geographic mobility and impacts of ‘city-making’ industries: international networks of design, planning, and finance that shape real estate and infrastructure investments in contemporary cities. Recent work has assessed land investment in support of mega-projects and mega-events; work that has been funded by agencies like the National Science Foundation and the International Olympic Committee. Prior to joining Texas A&M, he earned a PhD from Clark University’s Graduate School of Geography (2014) and taught at the Rhode Island School of Design (2013-2016).

Selected Publications

Lauermann J (2016) Municipal statecraft: revisiting the geographies of the entrepreneurial city. Progress in Human Geography

Lauermann J (2016) ‘The city’ as developmental justification: strategic planning as claimsmaking on the urban, Urban Geography, 37(1): 77-95

Lauermann J (2016) Boston’s Olympic bid and the urban politics of event-led development, Urban Geography, 37(2): 313-321

Lauermann J (2016) Temporary projects, durable outcomes: urban development through failed Olympic bids? Urban Studies, 53(9): 1885-1991

Lauermann J (2014) Competition through inter-urban policymaking: bidding to host megaevents as entrepreneurial networking, Environment & Planning A, 46(11): 2638-2653

Lauermann J & M Davidson (2013) Negotiating particularity in neoliberalism studies: tracing development strategies across neoliberal urban governance projects, Antipode, 45(5): 1277-1297

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