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Julie Loisel
Julie Loisel
(979) 845-7141
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Eller O&M 803D

Department of Geography,

Room 810,Eller O&M Building

Texas A&M University

MS 3147 

College Station, Texas 77843


Ph.D. in Earth and Environmental Sciences, Lehigh University (2012)

M.Sc. in Physical Geography, University of Quebec - Montreal, Canada (2008)

B.Sc. in Physical Geography, University of Quebec - Montreal, Canada (2006)

Dean’s PhD Fellowship, Lehigh University (2011-2012)

Alexander Graham Bell Canada Doctoral Postgraduate Scholarship, NSERC (2008-2011)

Alexander Graham Bell Canada Masters Postgraduate Scholarship, NSERC (2006-2008)

Undergraduate Student Research Awards, NSERC (2004, 2005)

GEOG203: Planet Earth 

Julie Loisel

Assistant Professor

Research Interests

My main goal as a scientist is to understand the workings of natural ecosystems to ultimately provide guidance to stakeholders in the fields of policy, industry, civil society, and natural resource management. I believe it is my role to consolidate knowledge about climate change and its impacts on ecosystem dynamics, and to help transferring my expertise into action that promotes sustainable practices. 

Over the past decade, my work as a paleoclimatologist has primarily aimed at (1) reconstructing Holocene climatic conditions in high-latitude regions (including northern canada, alaska, kamchatka, patagonia, and antarctica) and (2) analyzing how these past climatic changes have impacted ecosystem dynamics in terms of their structure and function.

As an educator, I participate in fostering a more mature, responsible, creative, and involved community that appreciates the complexity of natural systems and values sustainable practices. I am a strong advocate for science literacy, particularly when it relates to climate change and the scientific method. I also recognize the need for creative leaders capable of transferring such knowledge into action. As Nobel Laureate Sherwood Rowland once said: “What’s the use of having developed a science well enough to make predictions, if in the end, all we’re willing to do is stand around and wait for them to come true?”

Selected Publications

Loisel, J. 2015. Peatlands as carbon sinks / Las turberas como sumideros de carbono, Chapter 11 p. 297-315. In: E Domínguez and D Vega-Valdés (eds.). Funciones y servicios ecosistémicos de las turberas en Magallanes. Colección de libros INIA Nº 33. Instituto de Investigaciones Agropecuarias. Centro Regional de Investigación Kampenaike. Punta Arenas, Chile. 334 pp. ***invited book chapter***

Loisel, J., Yu, Z., Beilman, D.W., Camill, P., Alm, J., Amesbury, M.J., Anderson, D., Andersson, S., Bochicchio, C., Barber, K., Belyea, L.R., Bunbury, J., Chambers, F.M., Charman, D.J., De Vleeschouwer, F., Fiałkiewicz-Kozieł, B., Finkelstein, S.A., Gałka, M., Garneau, M., Hammarlund, D., Hinchcliffe, W., Holmquist, J., Hughes, P., Jones, M.C., Klein, E.S., Kokfelt, U., Korhola, A., Kuhry, P., Lamarre, A., Lamentowicz, M., Large, D., Lavoie, M., MacDonald, G., Magnan, G., Mäkilä, M., Mallon, G., Mathijssen, P., Mauquoy, D., McCarroll, J., Moore, T.R., Nichols, J., O'Reilly, B., Oksanen, P., Packalen, M., Peteet, D., Richard, P.J.H., Robinson, S., Ronkainen, T., Rundgren, M., Sannel, A.B.K., Tarnocai, C., Thom, T., Tuittila, E.-S., Turetsky, M., Väliranta, M., van der Linden, M., van Geel, B., van Bellen, S., Vitt, D., Zhao, Y., Zhou, W. 2014. A database and synthesis of northern peatland soil properties and Holocene carbon and nitrogen accumulation. The Holocene, 24, doi: 10.1177/0959683614538073.

Yu, Z., Loisel, J., Charman, D.J., Beilman, D.W., Camill, P. 2014. Holocene peatland carbon dynamics in the circum-Arctic region: an Introduction. The Holocene, 24, doi: 10.1177/0959683614540730.

Loisel, J., Yu, Z., Charman, D. 2014. A synthesis of northern peatland carbon accumulation history. Quaternary Perspectives Magazine, International Quaternary Association (INQUA).

Yu Z., Loisel, J. 2014. Holocene circum-Arctic peatland carbon dynamics. PAGES News Letter, Past Global Changes (PAGES), 22(1): 41.

Loisel, J., Yu, Z. 2013. Surface vegetation patterning controls carbon accumulation in peatlands. Geophysical Research Letters, 40: 1-6, doi:10.1002/grl.50744.

Loisel, J., Yu, Z. 2013. Holocene peatland carbon dynamics in Patagonia. Quaternary Science Reviews, 69: 125-141.

Loisel, J., Yu, Z., Parsekian, A., Nolan, J., Slater, L. 2013. Quantifying landscape morphology influence on peatland lateral expansion using ground penetrating radar (GPR) and peat core analysis. Journal of Geophysical Research – Biogeosciences, 118, doi: 10.1002/jgrg20029.

Yu, Z., Loisel, J., Turetsky, M.R., Cai, S., Zhao, Y., Frolking, S., MacDonald, G.M., Bubier, J.L. 2013. Evidence for elevated emissions from high-latitude wetlands causing high atmospheric CH4 concentration in the early Holocene. Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 27, doi: 10.1002/gbc20025.

Loisel, J., Yu, Z. 2013. Recent acceleration of carbon accumulation in a boreal peatland, south-central Alaska. Journal of Geophysical Research – Biogeosciences, 118, doi: 10.1029/2012jg001978.

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