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Swetha Peteru
Swetha Peteru
(979) 845- 7141
CSA 205B

Department of Geography, MS 3147

Texas A&M University

College Station, TX 77840


Colgate University, BA

Miami University, MA


Dissertation Fellowship, Office of Graduate and Professional Studies, Texas A&M University, Jan. 2016 – Aug. 2016

Applied Biodiversity Science Undergraduate Student Research Grant, Jul. – Aug. 2015 (To hire and train an undergraduate student)

Pruitt Dissertation Fellowship, Society of Women Geographers, Aug. 2014 – Aug. 2015


Geography 213: Planet Earth Lab

Geography 203: Planet Earth (Intro. to Physical Geography)

Geography 202: Geography of the Global Village (Regional Geography)




Swetha Peteru

PhD Candidate

Research Interests

Environment and Development, Biogeography, Biodiversity, Conservation, Rural Livelihoods

My dissertation examines changes in biodiversity through an integrated study of participation, biogeography, and landscape genetics. My study utilizes a quasi-experimental design to describe and measure the relationship between agroforestry farming practices and biodiversity outcomes at species and genetic levels by examining a coffee agroforestry program run by an NGO in Junin, Peru. This research seeks to provides a better understanding of how and what changes are occurring on the landscape due to a program intervention focused on increasing biodiversity and supporting local communities.

Selected Publications

Ingram, K.K., Hoadley, A.P., Iandoli, M., Kahler, J., Marion, S., Peteru, S., Sabo, E., So, J. (2012). Sporadic infection of Wolbachia in a recently established population of Formica fusca. Psyche, 2012: Article ID 432151.

Ingram, K. K., Kleeman, L., Peteru, S. (2011). Differential regulation of the foraging gene associated with task behaviors in harvester ants. BMC Ecology, 11:19.

Klak, T., Wiley, J., Mullaney, E., Peteru, S., Regan, S., Merilus, J.Y. (2011). Inclusive Neoliberalism?: Perspectives from Eastern Caribbean farmers. Progress in Development Studies, 11(1): 33-61.

Peteru, S., Regan, S., Klak, T. (2010). Local vibrancy in a globalizing world: Evidence from Dominica, Eastern Caribbean. Focus on Geography, 53(4): 125-133.

Additional Information

Advisor: Dr. Wendy Jepson

Full CV available upon request

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