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Daniel Schimoler
(979) 845-7141
CSA 203E

810 Eller O&M Building
Department of Geography
Texas A&M University
College Station, Texas 77843-3147


B.S. Integrated Environmental Science, Longwood University, 2016


- Graduate Excellence Scholarship, Texas A&M, 2016
- 1st Place, Student Poster Award, 22nd Conference on Applied Climatology, 96th Annual Meeting of the American    Meteorological Society, 2016
- Longwood University Scholar-Athlete, 2016
- Citizen Leader Award, Longwood University, 2014-2015
- Ben DeFelice Scholarship, North West Federal Credit Union Foundation, 2014
- Shane Adcock Distinguished Contributions Award, Longwood University Order of Omega, 2014


Geography 213 Planet Earth Lab

Daniel Schimoler

M.S. Candidate

Research Interests

- Land-Atmosphere Interactions

- Climate Change

- Hydro climatology

- Fire Climatology

Selected Publications

Gee K. M., Schimoler D. (In preparation) Preventing Anaerobic Conditions in Rainwater Harvesting Systems.

Labosier CF, Schimoler D. (In preparation) Spatial Patterns of Wildfire along Climatic and Social Gradients.

Additional Information

Advisor: Dr. Oliver Frauenfeld
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