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Sarah Trimble
Sarah Trimble
(979) 845-7141
CSA 208B

810 Eller O&M Building
Texas A&M University
MS 3147 
College Station, Texas 77843


BA English, University of Mary Washington 2010

BA Geography, University of Mary Washington 2010

GIS Certificate, University of Mary Washington 2010

MS Geography, Texas A&M University 2013


NSF EAPSI 2015 Award for Australia


GEOG 390 Principles of GIS

GEOG 352 / GEOL 352 GNSS in the Geosciences

GEOS 101-510 Don’t Get Ripped

Sarah Trimble

Ph.D. Student

Research Interests

My research focuses on advanced GIS/RS technologies and their use for mapping and modeling geomorphologic processes in coastal environments. My dissertation project uses in-situ data, multispectral satellite imagery, and computer programming to determine the spatio-temporal variation of rip current hazards in Costa Rica and Australia. I anticipate completing my Doctorate by Fall 2016.

My employment and education have focused on research design, GIS/RS, academic publishing, programming ArcGIS extensions, and teaching. In addition to my education, I have worked as a geospatial analyst for the Department of Homeland Security (OCIO), the US Geological Survey, and NASA (Langley). Upon completing my degree, I intend to return to a professional position that includes solving problems with a combination of field work, remotely sensed data, and computer modeling.

Specialties: Coastal Geomorphology, Geographic Information Science and Theory, Remote Sensing & Air photography interpretation, Field experiment design and execution, and Python programming for GIS analysis

Selected Publications

Houser, C. Wernette, P., Rentschlar, E., Jones, H., Hammond, B., and Trimble, S. 2015. “Post-storm beach and dune recovery: implications for barrier island resilience.” Geomorphology. 234(1):54-63

Houser, C., Trimble, S. and Morales, B. 2015. “Influence of blade flexibility on the drag coefficient of aquatic vegetation.” Estuaries and Coasts. 38(2):569-577

Brannstrom, C., Brown, H. L., Houser, C., Trimble, S., and Santos, A. 2015. “‘You can’t see them from sitting here’: Evaluating beach user understanding of a rip current warning sign.” Applied Geography. 56:61-70

Jewell, M., Houser, C. and Trimble, S. 2014. “Initiation and evolution of blowouts within Padre Island National Seashore, Texas.” Ocean & Coastal Management. 95:156-164.

Brannstrom, C., Trimble, S., Santos, A., Brown, H.L., and Houser, C. 2014. “Perception of the rip current hazard on Galveston Island and North Padre Island, Texas, USA.” Natural Hazards. 72(2):1123-1138.

Chirico, P., Malpeli, K., and Trimble, S. 2012. Accuracy evaluation of GDEM version 1 and version 2 for two sites with distinct terrain characteristics in western Africa. GIScience and Remote Sensing.  49(6):775-801

Additional Information

Advisor: Dr. Chris Houser
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