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Daniel Vecellio
Daniel Vecellio
814-3 O&M

Texas A&M University

Department of Geography

810 Eller, 3147 TAMU

College Station, TX 77843


B.S., Meteorology – Pennsylvania State University

M.S., Atmospheric Science – Texas Tech University


GEOG 213 – Planet Earth Lab, Head Teaching Assistant

Daniel Vecellio

Ph.D. Student

Research Interests

Dissertation Research: My doctoral dissertation work focuses on the changes in land-atmosphere interactions and atmospheric circulation that come about due to modifications of frozen ground areas across Eurasia due to climate change. (Advisor: Dr. Oliver Frauenfeld)

In addition to my dissertation research, I continue to investigate the impact of extreme heat on human health. Current projects include seeking out the connection between diurnal temperature range and heat-related mortality and determining what heat/thermal comfort indices best help to predict heat-related morbidity and emergency medical service calls in several North American cities. (w/ Dr. Steven Quiring and Dr. Jennifer Vanos, Texas Tech University) 

Selected Publications

Zhao N, Cao G, Vanos JK, Vecellio DJ. The Effects of Synoptic Weather on Influenza Infection Incidence: A Retrospective Study Utilizing Digital Disease Surveillance. International Journal of Biometeorology. Submitted Feb. 4, 2016. IJBM-D-16-00056

Vecellio DJ, Yu S, Malecha ML, Quiring SM. The Effects of Diurnal Temperature and Heat Index Ranges on Heat-Related Mortality in the Midwestern United States. In progress. Target Journal: Natural Hazards

Vecellio DJ, Vanos JK, Hondula DM. Modification of Air Masses Into the Southeastern United States. In progress. Target Journal: Theoretical and Applied Climatology

Additional Information

Conference Presentations:  

Vecellio DJ, Quiring SM, Vanos JK, Garza A. A Comparison of Heat Indices for Quantifying Heat-Health Risk. 96th American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA, January 10-14, 2016. Oral Presenation.

Vecellio DJ, Frauenfeld OW, Peng X, Xhong X, Zhang T. Validation of MERRA and ERA-Interim Snow Depth Quantities in Eurasia. 2015 American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA, December 14-18, 2015, Poster Presentation.

Vecellio DJ, Vanos JK, Hondula DM. Determining Synoptic Air Mass Modifications for Advance Health-Effect Preparedness. 20th International Congress of Biometeorology, Cleveland, OH, September 29-October 1, 2014. Oral Presentation.

Vecellio DJ. A Statistical Approach To Predicting Synoptic Air Mass Modification. Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting, Tampa, FL, April 8-12, 2014. Oral Presentation

Professional Affiliations:

American Meteorological Society; American Geophysical Union; Association of American Geographers; International Society of Biometeorology; Permafrost Young Researchers Network; United States Permafrost Association

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