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Texas A&M University
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Dr. Douglas J. Sherman


Ph.D. Geography, University of Toronto, 1983

M.S. Geography, Rutgers University, 1978

B.A. Geography, California State University, Sonoma, 1975


Dr. Doug Sherman is a geomorphologist interested in fundamental earth surface processes, especially those involving sand transport by wind and waves. His current research projects include the long-term measurement of levee erosion in the Sacramento River delta, wave setup behind a detached breakwater in Italy, wave transformation over a rock platform in NW Portugal, aeolian saltation processes, detection and estimation of shoreline change along the coast of Texas, and sedimentation behind dams and debris basins in southern California. Dr. Sherman also has a general interest in the histories, methodologies, and philosophies of geomorphology.


  • Coastal geomorphology, especially nearshore hydrodynamics and sedimentation
  • Geomorphological processes, esp aeolian sand transport
  • Environmental management/natural hazards
  • Theory and concepts in modern geomorphology


  • 2008 - National Science Foundation: Characterizing Mass-Flux Profiles in Aeolian Saltation ($148,387, Co-PI with E. Farrell and J. Ellis).
  • 2008 - Norman Hackerman Advanced Research Program: Assessment and Prediction of Coastal Erosion and Morphological Changes in the Upper Texas Gulf Coast ($137,900, Co-PI with H. Liu).
  • 2008 - California Department of Boating and Waterways (through University of British Columbia, Okanagon) -- Field Program to Measure Levee Erosion ($33,000).
  • 2007 - Stanford Development Group: Natural Hazards and Risk Assessment, Antigua and Barbuda ($368,810).
  • 2007 - Costa Rica field mapping program for TAMU's new field station 2006: California Department of Boating and Waterways (through University of British Columbia, Okanagon) -- Field Program to Measure Levee Erosion ($40,000).


  • 2001-Present Professor and Head, Dept of Geography, Texas A&M University
  • 1994-01 Professor, Dept of Geography, University of Southern California
  • 1993-99 Director, University of Southern California Sea Grant Institutional Program
  • 1995-98 Chair, Dept of Geography, USC


  • 2007 Fellow of American Association for Advancement of Science
  • 2006 Fulbright Senior Scholar, Dept of Earth Sciences, University of Minho, Portugal.
  • 2000 National Academy of Sciences/National Research Council travel grant to 29th International Geography Congress ($1,000)

Selected Publications

  • McDermott, J.P., and Sherman, D.J. 2009. Using photo-electronic erosion pins for measuring bed elevation changes in the swash zone. Journal of Coastal Research, 25: 788-792.
  • Sherman, D.J., and Farrell, E.J., 2008. Aerodynamic roughness lengths over movable beds: A comparison of wind tunnel and field data. Journal of Geophysical Research-Earth Surface, 113, F02S08, doi: 10.1029/2007JF000784.
  • Brown, A.C., Nordstrom, K.F., McLachlan, A., Jackson, N.L., and Sherman, D.J., 2008. Sandy shores of the near future. In Polunin, N. (ed.), Aquatic Ecosystems: Trends and Global Prospects. Cambridge University Press, pp. 263-280.
  • Hopf, F., and Sherman, D.J., 2007. Aeolian processes, coastal dunes, and the Coastal Engineering Manual: Part III ? “Wind-Blown Sand Transport.” In: N.C. Kraus and J.D. Rosati (Editors), Coastal Sediments ’07, pp. 1241-1254.
  • Liu, H., Sherman, D., and Gu, S., 2007. Automated extraction of shorelines from airborne LIDAR data. Journal of Coastal Research, 23: 1359-1369.
  • Baas, A.C.W., and Sherman, D.J., 2005. Formation and behavior of aeolian streamers. Journal of Geophysical Research, 110: F03011, 15 pp.
  • Feagin, R.A., Sherman, D.J., and Grant, W.E., 2005. Coastal erosion, global sea-level rise, and the loss of sand dune plant habitats. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, 3: 359-364.
  • Sherman, D.J., Jackson, N.L., Nordstrom, K.F., Hesp, P.A., and Arens, S.M., 2005. Predicting maximum and minimum aeolian sand transport rates to provide a basis for assessing management actions for beaches and dunes. In, Sanjaume, E., and Mateu, J. (eds.), Geomorfologia litoral I Quaternari: Homenatge al Professor V.M. Rossello. Valencia University Press, Spain, pp. 483-496.
  • Rogers, A., Castree N. and Sherman, D.J. (Editors). 2005. Questioning Geography. Blackwell, Oxford, 314 pp.
  • Psuty, N.P., Sherman, D.J., and Meyer-Arendt, K. (Editors). 2005. Coasts Under Stress II. Zeitschrift fur Geomorphologie, Supplement Volume 141.
  • Wilson, J.P., Sherman, D.J. and Baas, A.C.W. 2003. Natural Hazards Laboratory Manual. 3rd Ed. McGraw-Hill, NY.
  • Gares, P.A. and Sherman D.J. (Editors). 2002. 29th Binghamton Geomorphology Symposium: Coastal Geomorphology. Geomorphology Special Issue, 48(1-3). Elsevier, 328 pp.
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