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Texas A&M University
O&M 707
MS 3147,
College Station, Texas 77843


Dr. Michael Bishop

Iliyana Dobreva

PhD Student

PhD., Geography, Texas A&M University, (In progress)

M.S., Geography, Texas A&M University, 2009

B.A., Geography, Concord University, 2005


Dobreva, I.D., and Klein, A.G. (2011). Fractional snow cover mapping through artificial neural network analysis of MODIS surface reflectance. Remote Sensing of Environment, 115 (12):3355-3366

Filippi, A., Dobreva, I., Klein, A..G., and Jensen, J.R. (2010). Self-Organizing Map-based Applications in Remote Sensing, Self-Organizing Maps, George K Matsopoulos (Ed.), ISBN: 978-953-307-074-2, InTech,  Available from:

Filippi, A. M., Brannstrom, C., Dobreva, I., Cairns, D. M., and Kim D. (2009). Unsupervised Fuzzy ARTMAP Classification of Hyperspectral Hyperion Data for Savanna and Agriculture Discrimination in the Brazilian Cerrado. Giscience & Remote Sensing 46 (1):1-23.

Dobreva, I., and Klein, A. G. (2009). Artificial Neural Networks Approach to Fractional Snow Cover Mapping. Paper read at 66th Eastern Snow Conference, July 9-11 2009, at Niagara on the Lake, Ontario, Canada


David Hewitt Miller awards for best student poster at the 66th Eastern Snow Conference, July 9-11 2009, Niagara on the Lake, Ontario, Canada

Research Interests

Glaciology, Snow Cover, Climatology, Remote Sensing and GIS, Artificial Neural Networks

Volunteer Work/Committees

Graduate Enhancement Funds (GEF) MS Student Representative, Texas A&M University, Fall 2008

GIS Intern (Sept 2006 – Nov 2006), IT Department at the City of Bryan, Bryan, TX

Field and Lab Experience

Cordillera Real, Bolivia, August 2011: Collect GPS measurement along the extent of two glaciers

Liberty County, Texas, July 2010: Collect vegetation and soil samples

Great Smoky Mountains National Park, GA. May 2009: Conduct tree coring for fire-history reconstruction

Spirit Lake, IA. February 2008: Measure snow depth, grain size, volume and temperature; collect snow samples

Texas A&M Univ., February 2008: Filter snow samples and measure snow volume in lab environment

Specialized Software and Programming Languages

ArcGIS, GRASS, ENVI, IDRISI, SPSS, Adobe Illustrator, MS Office

Matlab, IDL, Python, FORTRAN, LISP, C++, Pascal, VBA

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