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CyberHealth GIS

CyberHealthGIS REU

A research program for undergraduate students interested in technology, geography, and health.

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Linking Early US History to World Geography

Linking Early US History to World Geography 

Approximately one-third of the items on the Grade 10 TAKS requires students to know early US History content taught in Grade 8. Yet students in Grades 9 and 10 typically take either (or both) World Geography Studies or World History Studies. Infusing early US History content into these courses is a challenge for educators. They must teach a rich curriculum in either World History or World Geography as specified by the TEKS as well as review a significant amount of material from the Grade 8 TEKS.

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Texas DPS

Texas Hurricane Hazard Analysis 

This website has been developed with funding from the Texas Department of Public Safety's Division of Emergency Management. The goal of this website is to provide essential information that will allow local and state officials to investigate hurricane scenarios, visualize potential damage to their community, and assess their risk.

The State Mitigation Plan (which includes a hurricane analysis) is avaliable here.

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Sustaining our State

Sustaining Our State 

The Texas for Geographic Education, with funding from the National Geographic Society, has launched a program dedicated to the environment of Texas: Sustaining Our State (SOS).

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