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Approximately one-third of the items on the Grade 10 TAKS requires students to know early US History content taught in Grade 8. Yet students in Grades 9 and 10 typically take either (or both) World Geography Studies or World History Studies. Infusing early US History content into these courses is a challenge for educators. They must teach a rich curriculum in either World History or World Geography as specified by the TEKS as well as review a significant amount of material from the Grade 8 TEKS.

Preliminary analysis of the inaugural TAKS assessment indicates that students did significantly less well at Grade 10 than in Grades 8 and 11. In addition, students scored less well on the two TAKS objectives focused on early US History, Objective 1 Issues and Events in US History and Objective 4 Political Influences on History, answering only 60 percent of the items in these domains correctly.

This project has developed and expanded lessons created by the Social Studies Center into complete, detailed curriculum modules that suggest ways World Geography teachers can help students prepare for the TAKS assessment using the content, skills, and perspectives contained in the World Geography TEKS.

The modules are posted on this web site and were modeled in workshop/conference on January 22, 2005. Thank you for attending the workshop! Over 100 educators from across Texas attended.

Linking Workshops

Karen Wiggins, Thursday, September 30, Texas Social Studies Supervisors Association
Linda Hammon and Ann Wurst, Friday, October 1, Texas Council for the Social Studies
Sarah Bednarz, Friday, October 22, National Council for Geographic Education
Sarah Bednarz and Fred Walk, November 19, National Council for the Social Studies
Workshop Conference, January 22, 2005, Bush Presidential Conference Center

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