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Geography and History

Geography and history are the two key components of the social studies curriculum. This portion of the web site contains materials useful to educators interested in teaching historical geography.

Linking Presentation (TSSSA)
This PowerPoint presentation explains the Linking project, the links between Grade 8 early US History and World Geography, and suggests strategies to teach the two subjects together. A draft version of an activity on site and situation featuring Washington DC appears here as well.

Teaching with Maps
This PowerPoint presentation suggests strategies to help students think geographically and historically through maps.

Processes of Change
This PowerPoint presentation focuses on two key elements of the TEKS/TAKS connection in World History/World Geography and includes a lesson on urban location. Also featured is information on the connections between geography and history.

Integrating Grade 8 TAKS Expectations into World Geography Studies
This is an early version of the current project Linking Early US History to World Geography Studies.

Geohistorical Inquiry: Commecting Place and Time and Critical Thinking
This is a white paper prepared by George Daily, ESRI, offering a perspective on the linkages between historic and geographic research, similarities in research methods, the importance of local investigations, and a technique for engaging in geohistorical studies.

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