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Sustaining Our State

The Texas for Geographic Education, with funding from the National Geographic Society, has launched a program dedicated to the environment of Texas: Sustaining Our State (SOS).

Sustaining Our State (SOS) was developed in two stages. In Stage One, the project created and delivered a series of 15 one-day workshops focused on implementing elements of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills and National Geography Standards related to resources, the conservation of resources, and environment-society relations in general. SOS content began with Texas issues and spiraled outward to global concerns to reinforce the idea "Think Locally, Act Globally."

The workshops prepared elementary and secondary science and social studies teachers to better teach key issues related to the preservation, restoration, and sustainability of resources in local, national, and international contexts.

Each workshop used technology and suggestions for field work to provide teachers with the knowledge, skills, and materials they need to teach students about resources, conservation of resources, and general environment-society relations.

These workshops were designed to meet the needs of teachers at different grade levels and subject areas by a 'steering committee' made up of experienced Texas teacher-consultants working with university faculty and other expert consultants. This arrangement continued the Alliance tradition of melding subject matter expertise with classroom experience/wisdom to prepare classroom-friendly professional development experiences for teachers.

In Stage Two, these materials remain on the web for your use.

SOS Steering Committee

  • Barbara DiPaolo, St John's, Houston, TX
  • Pat Hardy, Weatherford ISD, Weatherford, TX
  • Mary Lee Karl, El Paso ISD, El Paso, TX
  • Joan Linsley, Houston ISD (retired), Houston, TX
  • Dagoberto Ramirez, La Joya ISD, La Joya, TX
  • Debbie Robertson, College Station ISD, College Station, TX
  • Kim Stucker, HEBISD, Hurst-Euless-Bedford, TX

Advisor: Gillian Acheson, ITS, Texas A&M University

SOS Administrative Assistant: Julia Belknap

Sarah Witham Bednarz, co-coordinator, Texas Alliance for Geographic Education.

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