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SOS - Materials

Here are the materials that support implementation of the SOS vision. These are designed for use by educators unable to attend a SOS workshop.

Thinking About the Environment
A checklist to guage attitudes toward the environment
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Video: The Island
A worksheet to help structure student learning related to this inspirational video
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Establishing the Knowledge Base
A PowerPoint presentation you can use to help students understand the beauty of Texas and why preserving its environment is key to our health and prosperity

Activity: Issues, Issues, Issues
Students work in groups to review a range of environmental issues and to sort and categorize them on a variety of criteria, including local to global scales. Students prepare a "State of the Environment" report.
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Teaching about the Environment Across the Curriculum
Here are materials on how to link learning about environment and related geography/social studies topics to your literature and reading program. Also included is material on teaching environmental issues through Gifted Education programs.
Gifted Education and the Environment
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Literature and Geography
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Annotated Bibliography, Grades K-4
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Using Technology to Teach About the Environment
The Internet is a key source of information about the environment and environment-society relations. Here are two sources designed to link technology to your classroom: an annotated list of good web sites related to the environment, organized by sphere; and a webliography of on-line mapping sources with environmental information.
Web-based Mapping
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Annotated Websites
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Activity: State of Our State
Learn about our state and the state of our environment.
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Activity: Sustainable Development
This activity uses a role playing strategy to help students understand what sustainable development is and how this policy can help maintain our state's resources for future generations.
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Activity: Field Studies
The best way to learn about the environment is to be in and to learn from the environment. These materials suggest ways educators can introduce field studies in their classroom practice--even without leaving the classroom.
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