Joynal Abedin


Natural Hazards, Disaster Resilience, Social Sensing, GIScience, Big Data, Digital Twins


Advisor: Dr. Lei Zou

Selected Publications

  1. Lin, B., Zou, L., Duffiel, N., Mostafavi, A., Cai, H., Zhou, B., Tao, J., Yang, M., Mandal, D., Abedin, J. (2021). Revealing the Global Linguistic and Geographical Disparities of Public Awareness to Covid-19 Outbreak through Social Media. International Journal of Digital Earth, 15(1). 868-889. Link
  2. Rabby, Y. W., Hossain, M. B., & Abedin, J. (2022). Landslide susceptibility mapping in three Upazilas of Rangamati hill district Bangladesh: application and comparison of GIS-based machine learning methods. Geocarto International, 37(12), 3371-3396. Link
  3. Zhou, B., Zou, L., Mostafavi, A., Lin, B., Yang, M., Gharaibeh, N., Cai, H., Abedin, J., & Mandal, D. (2022). VictimFinder: Harvesting rescue requests in disaster response from social media with BERT. Computers, Environment and Urban Systems, 95, 101824. Link
  4. Yang, M., Zou, L., Cai, H., Qiang, Y., Lin, B., Zhou, B., Abedin, J., Mandal, D. (2022). Spatial–temporal land loss modeling and simulation in a vulnerable coast: A case study in coastal Louisiana. Remote Sensing, 14(4), 896. Link
  5. Rabby, Y. W., Li, Y., Abedin, J., & Sabrina, S. (2022). Impact of land use/land cover change on landslide susceptibility in Rangamati municipality of Rangamati District, Bangladesh. ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information, 11(2), 89. Link
  6. Billah, M. M., Rahman, M., Abedin, J., & Akter, H. (2021). Land cover change and its impact on human–elephant conflict: A case from Fashiakhali forest reserve in Bangladesh. SN Applied Sciences, 3(6), 1-17. Link
  7. Abedin, J., Khatun, H. (2020). Impacts of Flash Flood on Livelihood and Adaptation Strategies of the Haor Inhabitants: A Study in Tanguar Haor of Sunamganj, Bangladesh. Dhaka University Journal of Earth and Environmental Sciences, 8(2019). Link
  8. Hassan, M.M., Ash, K., Abedin, J., Paul, B.K., Southworth, J. (2020). A Quantitative Framework for Analyzing Spatial Dynamics of Flood Events: A Case Study of Super Cyclone Amphan. Remote Sensing, 12(20): 3454. Link
  9. Abedin, J., Rabby, Y.W., Hasan, I., Akter, H. (2020). An Investigation of the Characteristics, Causes, and Consequences of June 13, 2017, Landslides in Rangamati District Bangladesh. Geoenvironmental Disasters, 7(23): 1-19. Link
  10. Abedin, J., Billah, M. M., Akter, H. (2018). The Socio-economic Status and Land Use Pattern: A Micro-level Analysis in Bangladesh. International Journal of Sciences: Basic and Applied Research (IJSBAR), 42(3): 185-194.


Conference Presentations:

  1. Abedin, J., Zou, L., Cai, H., Mandal, D., Lin, B., Yang, M., Zhou, B., Brown, T. Spatial Changes of Exposure to Flood Hazards in Texas, United States. AAG 2022 Annual Meeting, Virtual.
  2. Yang, M., Zou, L., Lin, B., Zhou, B., Abedin, J., Mandal, D. Simulating land loss and land gain by integrating neighborhood effect and deep learning with cellular automata. AAG 2022 Annual Meeting, Virtual.
  3. Lin, B., Zou, L., Cai, H., Zhou, B., Yang, M., Mandal, D., Abedin, J. Revealing the linguistic and geographic disparities of public awareness to Covid-19 outbreak through social media. AAG 2022 Annual Meeting, Virtual.
  4. Mandal, D., Zou, L., Cai, H., Lin, B., Zhou, B., Yang, M., Abedin, J. A modular machine learning platform for resilience inference measurement and enhancement (PRIME). AAG 2022 Annual Meeting, Virtual.
  5. Abedin, J., Khatun, H. (2020). Impacts of Flash Flood on Livelihood and Adaptation Strategies of the Inhabitants of Tanguar Haor, Sunamganj District, Bangladesh. International Conference on Earth & Environmental Science and Technology (ICEEST), Dhaka, Bangladesh.


  • BS in Geography and Environment, University of Dhaka (2018)
  • MS in Human Geography and Environment, University of Dhaka (2020)
  • D. in Geography, Texas A&M University (Class of 2025)


  • MS Thesis research grants from Disaster Research Training and Management Centre (DRTMC), University of Dhaka (2019).
  • University of Dhaka Merit Scholarship, University of Dhaka (2019).
  • Faizunnessa Kabiruddin Rahmani Memorial Foundation Scholarship for outstanding result in BS, University of Dhaka (2018).
  • 1st Position, Oceanographic Olympiad 2014, University of Dhaka.

Additional Information

Professional Organizations:

American Association of Geographers (AAG), American Geophysical Union (AGU)

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