Zhengcong Yin


  • Geocoding/Reverse Geocoding
  • Location Search
  • Geographic Information Retrieval
  • Natural Language Processing for Geographic Semantics
  • Spatial Uncertainty

Selected Publications

Yin, Z., Ma, A., Goldberg, D.W. (2019). A Deep Learning Approach for Rooftop Geocoding.

Transactions in GIS.


Ma, A., Filippi, A. M., Wang, Z., Yin, Z. (2019). Hyperspectral Image Classification Using

Similarity Measurements-Based Deep Recurrent Neural Networks. Remote Sensing, 11(2), 194.


Zhang, C., Chen, Y., Yang J., Yin, Z. (2019). An Association Rule based Approach to

Reducing Visual Clutter in Parallel Sets. Visual Informaticas.


Meng, C., Niu, J. Z., Yin, Z. , Luo, Z. T., Lin, X. N., Jia, J. W. (2018). Characteristics of

rock fragments in different forest stony soil and its relationship with macropore characteristics in mountain area, northern China. Journal of Mountain Science, 15(3), 519-531


Yin, Z., Zhang, C., Goldberg, D.W., Prasad, S. (2019). An NLP-based Question Answering

Framework for Spatio-Temporal Analysis and Visualization. The 2nd International Conference

on Geoinformatics and Data Analysis. Prague, Czech Republic (Best Presentation).


Zhang, C.,Yin Z., Gao, P., Prasad, S. (2019). A Visual Analytics Approach to Exploration

of Hotels in Overlaid Drive-Time Polygons of Attractions. The 17th International Symposium

on Web and Wireless Geographical Information Systems. Kyoto, Japan.


2017- Present Ph.D. Geography, Texas A&M University

2016 M.S. Civil Engineering – Water Resource, Texas A&M University


Third-place, Texas A&M GIS Day Paper Competition, Nov. 2017


Personal Website: http://www.arcbbq.xyz/

Additional Information

Advisor: Dr. Daniel W. Goldberg


Working Experience

Software Development Engineer Intern, HD Map Startup Company - 2019, Shanghai, China

Software Development Engineer Intern, Esri - 2019, Redlands, California

Software Development Engineer Intern, Esri - 2018, Redlands, California

Software Developer Intern, Esri China - 2017, Beijing, China

Software Product Engineer Intern, Esri - 2016, Redlands, California



Session Chair, Techniques and GIS for Health, Annual Meeting of the Association of American

Geographers. Washington, D.C. April, 2019

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