Bing Zhou

Bing Zhou

PhD Student

Teaching Assistant

GeoAI, Social Sensing, Micro Data, CyberGIS

  Teague B009B


Bing’s background built from location-based services and GIS, his current research interests are multidisciplinary and focus primarily on CyberGIS and applying advanced computational approaches to large scale geospatial and spatiotemporal data analysis in disaster resilience, environment evaluation, urban planning and etc. Bing enjoys optimizing algorithms and building tools for data-driven researches, and is eager to delve deeper in discovering the inner link between human and nature to help decision makers with making better and informed decisions.


2021 -        PhD, Texas A&M University

2011 – 2014  Master of Engineering, Tongji University

2007 – 2011  Bachelor of Engineering, Wuhan University

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Advisor: Dr. Lei Zou

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