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Antarctica - Data

Collected Data

The current Microsoft Access database of the environmental sampling our project has done through 2011 is available here.

Our project's current McMurdo Station infrastructure Esri Geodatabase can be downloaded here. It currently contains station buildings, pipeing, bulk and small fuel tanks.

McMurdo area Environmental Geographic Information System (MaEGIS)

We are currently in the process of making useful views of our data available through Esri's relatively new ArcGISOnline ( This is an online GIS that can be accessed through a web-browser. More detailed views will be made available as map packages, also accessible via ArcGISOnline, that can accessed Esri's desktop ArcGIS software.

It is possible to view the total polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in the marine sediments samples we have collected at McMurdo Station in ArcGISOnline via this link. The data can also be easily viewed below.

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In the near future, we will also provide links via ArcGISoline to our collection of McMurdo Aerial Photography and our GIS of Station Infrastructure. 

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