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Antarctica - Palmer Station

In the coming years our research project hopes to resume research at Palmer Station, Antarctica. Palmer station is the smallest of the three permanent scientific stations operated by the United States Antarctic Program (USAP). The station is located on Located on Anvers Island near the Antarctic Peninsula.

The area surrounding Palmer Station is designated as an Antarctic Specially Managed Area (AMSA). The details of the managment plan can be found here.

In 1990, the area around Palmer Station became part of the National Science Foundation's Long-Term Ecological Research Program (LTER). The PAL LTER focues on studies of a polar marine biome especially the Antarctic pelagic marine ecosystem, including sea ice habitats, regional oceanography and terrestrial nesting sites of seabird predators.

Our team first visited Palmer station in 1989 in reponse to a fuel spill from the resupply vessel Bahía Paraíso which ran aground while exiting Arthur Harbor.

For current views of the station please visit the Palmer Station Webcam.    

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