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Cryosphere - Remote Sensing in Antarctica

Interferometric Synthetic Aperature Radara (InSAR) is a powerful tool for measuring surface velocities of the Antarctic Ice Sheet. We apply InSAR to study the surface velocities of the Lambert Glacier-Amery Ice Shelf System in East Antarctica. In addition to InSAR techniques, feature tracking and speckle matching are used to map surface velocities of this system which drains over 10% of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet. SAR data collected from Radarsat-1 will be used to generate interferometry.

Surface temperature are used to represent the changes on the ice sheet surfaces and ice sheet's mass in Antarctica. We map and analyze the land surface temperatures in daytime and at nighttime separately. Additionally, the comparison among the surface temperatures retrieved in time series are applied to find the dynamic changes of surface temperatures in Lambert Glacier-Amery Ice Shelf System.

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