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Our Faculty

Our faculty combine are leading researchers in their respective fields.  We continue to develop and strengthen long-term research goals while nurturing the academic and professional development of our students.  In addition to advancing scientific research, we are committed to developing ties in the locations we work, and we seek to be a positive and lasting force for the growth of these communities. 

Our Students

Our graduate programs provide students with the foundations for professional success, and prepare them to assume roles as stewards of the discipline of geography. We are committed to maintaining and enhancing the academic, scientific, and professional enterprises, at all levels, and to educate the public through informal and formal outreach programs.

Our Facilities

The facilities and research support at Texas A&M University are world-class.  With three dedicated computer labs for GIS and video work, a microchemisty lab, and a wealth of field equipment, we are actively engaged in all stages of research, from proposal to data collection and in-house analysis to peer-reviewed publication.

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