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Physical geography at Texas A&M comprises biogeography, climatology, hydrology, and geomorphology. Geomorphology concerns the study of the Earth’s surface processes. At Texas A&M, the focus of research is on aeolian, coastal, desert, fluvial, and glacial geomorphology. The geographic scope of our work is the United States (along the Texas coast, California, Big Bend Big National Park) and in Europe (Italy and Portugal).

Research Projects

  • Natural hazards and risk assessment for Antigua and Barbuda and St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands (D. Sherman, C. Houser, S. Quiring, W. Cox, E. Farrell, L. Meng)
  • Characteristics of aeolian saltation (D. Sherman, J. Ellis)
  • Detecting coastal change along the Texas coast (D. Sherman, H. Liu)
  • Quantifying levee erosion in the Sacramento River Delta, California (D. Sherman, J. Ellis, F. Hopf)
  • Bathymetric controls on rip current generation in northwest Florida (C. Houser)
  • Geologic controls on hurricane impact and recovery (C. Houser)
  • Shoreline erosion by boatwakes along the Savannah River (C. Houser)
  • Wave attenuation by seagrass (C. Houser)
    High Alpine and Arctic Research Program (HAARP)
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