Julie Loisel


Peatlands and wetlands, soils, carbon cycling, terrestrial ecosystem dynamics, paleoecology, paleoclimatology, environmental change, Holocene, alpine, arctic, and antarctic regions

Dr. Julie Loisel was born and raised near Montreal, in the Quebec province of Canada. Prior to earning a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Physical Geography at University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM), she spent two years traveling across Canada and western Europe, where she worked as a ski instructor and ski guide. Dr. Loisel moved to Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley in 2008 to complete a PhD in Earth and Environmental Sciences at Lehigh University, where she studied the contrasting Holocene carbon dynamics in peatlands from Alaska and Patagonia. After three years working as a post-doc at Lehigh and then UCLA, she moved to Houston to join Texas A&M University in 2015.

Dr. Loisel is an early-career ecosystem scientist specializing in the structure and function of belowground (peat and soil) natural systems. She has conducted or led a number of scientific field trips in the US Southwest, Canada, Alaska, southern Patagonia (Chile and Argentina), Peru, and the Antarctic Peninsula. Those expeditions were funded by the National Science Foundation, the National Geographic Society, Lehigh University, Texas A&M University, DoD's Southwest Climate Science Center, and NSERC (Canada). Her research is empirical by nature; in the field and the lab, she studies how terrestrial ecosystems respond to environmental change over short (annual) to long (millennia) timescales, with an emphasis on linkages between carbon and climate. She also specializes in Holocene paleoenvironmental reconstructions from peat cores using a suite of proxies (plant fossils, stable isotopes, pollen, testate amoebae, etc.) and models.

Dr. Loisel co-leads C-PEAT, an international group on peatland-carbon research sponsored by Past Global Changes (PAGES). She was also recently elected as a science steering group member of the International Soil Carbon Network (ISCN). In concert with the ISCN, her team is developing the largest and most comprehensive global soil database, which holds promise in terms of generating transdisciplinary projects and knowledge around human health as well as soil, food, water, and energy security. She is developing a soil valuation framework and management tool that links soil attributes with ecosystem services to help deliver and disseminate clear assessments of soil health, soil benefits to society, and risks associated with land management practices.

Selected Publications

43- Loisel J. 2021. CubeSats technology and periglacial landscape analysis. In: M Bishop and J Giardino (eds.). Treatise in Geomorphology, 2nd edition. Elsevier. Invited book chapter.

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**One of the top 25 most downloaded GCB articles in 2018**

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***Research spotlight article in EOS***

04-Loisel J, Garneau M. 2010. Late-Holocene paleoecohydrology and carbon accumulation estimates from two boreal peat bogs in eastern Canada: potential and limits of multi-proxy analyses. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 291:493-533.

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Ph.D. in Earth and Environmental Sciences, Lehigh University (2012)

M.Sc. in Physical Geography, University of Quebec - Montreal, Canada (2008)

B.Sc. in Physical Geography, University of Quebec - Montreal, Canada (2006)


Dean’s PhD Fellowship, Lehigh University (2011-2012)

Alexander Graham Bell Canada Doctoral Postgraduate Scholarship, NSERC (2008-2011)

Alexander Graham Bell Canada Masters Postgraduate Scholarship, NSERC (2006-2008)

Undergraduate Student Research Awards, NSERC (2004, 2005)

Additional Information

2018-  Co-leader of the Steering Group Committee, C-PEAT (Carbon in Peat on Earth through Time), a Past Global Changes (PAGES) Working Group on climate forcings.

2017-  Scientific Steering Group member, International Soil Carbon Network (ISCN).

2018-  Associate Editor, Climate of the Past

2018-  Associate Editor, Scientific Reports

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