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Leslie Vallecillo

"Two years ago, I was on academic probation and feeling lost, but now I’m here, celebrating my first-generation accomplishments and about to graduate" - Leslie Vallecillo '21

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Faculty and Student Focus


Dr. Julie Loisel

Texas A&M Geography's Dr. Julie Loisel says that preserving and restoring peatlands can help the world tackle the climate crisis.

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Grad Student Manuel Salgado

Manuel Salgado, a Ph.D. student in the Department of Geography, has led a non-traditional journey to higher-education. Today he’s an experienced field researcher and teaching assistant, and reflects on some of the challenges he’s faced in his career.

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Yell Leader Woods Johnson '22

Senior Woods Johnson is looking forward to representing Texas A&M and completing his GIST degree in the Department of Geography.

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“Geographic information science and technology (GIST) is one of the cornerstones of modern data-driven applications, modeling and decision-making. The GIS job market is booming. In science and technology fields, GIS skills give Aggies a leg-up on the competition.

Dr. Dan Goldberg, Associate Professor in Geography


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