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Sarah Bednarz

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My primary research interests focus on the intersections of the learning sciences, geography, the geosciences, and geospatial technologies, with a special focus on spatial and geographic thinking, at a range of educational levels. My related research interests include environmental and geosciences education, curriculum development, assessment, and professional development for educator preparation. This is, in part, based on my experience as Associate Dean for Academic Affairs for the College of Geosciences, 2008-20014. Issues related to how spatial, geographical, and geospatial thinking contribute to the development of committed and educated citizens is of increasing importance and personal relevance.

I have worked extensively in pre- and in-service professional development as well as with early and mid-career faculty in university settings. Recently, I chaired the Geographical Sciences Educational Research Committee, part of the NSF-funded project Roadmap to 21st Century Geographic Literacy ( I am a Commissioning Editor for the Journal of Geography in Higher Education and, as Vice President for the American Association of Geographers 2014-2015 (President, 2015-2016), I will organize the Department Head Leadership Workshop at the University of Connecticut in June 2015

Selected Publications

Selected Publications

  • Bowlick, F.*, Bednarz S.W., and Goldberg, DW. (accepted) Student Learning in an Introductory GIS Course: Using a Project Based Approach. Transactions in GIS.
  • Baker, T, Battersby, S, Bednarz, S.W., Bodzin, A. Koolvoord, R., Sinton, D. and Moore, S. (accepted) A Research Agenda for Geospatial Technologies and Learning. Journal of Geography.
  • Huynh, N., Bednarz S., and Solem, M. 2015. A Road Map for Learning Progressions Research in Geography, Journal of Geography, 114(2): 69-79. 
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  • Jo, Injeong*, Bednarz, S.W., and Sandra Metoyer* (2010) Selecting and designing questions to facilitate spatial thinking. The Geography Teacher, 7(2):49-55.


Ph.D. Curriculum & Instruction, Geography Education, Texas A&M University, 1992

M.A.T, Geography Education, University of Chicago, 1974

A.B., Geography, Mount Holyoke College, magna cum laude, 1973


Presidential Professor for Teaching Excellence, 2008

Gilbert H. Grosvenor Honors for Geographic Education, Association of American Geographers, 2007

George J. Miller Award, National Council for Geographic Education, 2005

University Distinguished Achievement Award, Association of Former Students, 2004

Additional Information

Vice-President, American Association of Geographers, 2014-2015

President, American Association of Geographers, 2015-2016

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