Marjan Behnia

Marjan Behnia

Ph.D. Student

Graduate Assistant - Teaching

  (832) 774-0989

  CSA 310-B


My research focuses on desertification and land degradation, desertification risk assessment, early warning systems, assessment and monitoring; I use remote sensing (RS) and geographic information system (GIS) of desertification to assess land degradation and desertification. My investigation seeks to enhance risk analysis by developing an understanding and increasing the accuracy of desertification susceptibility mapping to implement and prevent desertification and land degradation.

Selected Publications

Behnia, M., Valani, H. A., Bameri, M., Jabalbarezi, B., & Eskandari, H. (2017). Potential Assessment of ANNs and adaptative neuro fuzzy inference systems (ANFIS) for simulating soil temperature at diffrent soil profile depths. International Journal of Advanced Biological and Biomedical Research, 5(2), 52-59.

Eskandari Damaneh, H., Jafari, M., Eskandari Damaneh, H., Behnia, M., Khoorani, A., & Tiefenbacher, J. P. (2021). Testing possible scenario-based responses of vegetation under expected climatic changes in Khuzestan Province. Air, Soil and Water Research, 14, 11786221211013332.


PhD. Student at Texas A&M University, Geography 2022

M.Sc. Natural Resources Engineering, Desertification, University of Tehran 2017

B.Sc. Natural Resources Engineering, Environment, Ahwaz Azad University 2008

Additional Information

Advisor: Dr Anthony Filippi

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